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A Preamble to the Australian Constitution

Whereas the people of Australia
(I mean the White ones)
Clinging to Mummy England,
United in blatant disregard
For our coloured culture,
Tentatively hope
The Queen
(And Almighty God)
Might approve a
Constitution of our very own,
So we can play
Politics (and War)
With the grown-ups:

And whereas it is utterly unnecessary
To define our people
With a burnished, bush buffoon,
We shall do it anyway,

And whereas it is expedient
To pursue party politics
(And personal glory)
Before practical policy,
We shall enshrine
Separation of Powers
Within this Act,
So our characters can
Avoid responsibility
By blaming the High Court:

And whereas liberty, equality,
Community, justice,
Tolerance, multiculturalism,
And the Arts
Are mere flights of fancy,
We shall not mention them;
However ‘fair play’ is necessary
To pretend the AFL Tribunal
Is not a joke:

Be it therefore enacted as follows:

‘A Preamble to the Australian Constitution’ copyright Caroline Heske, April 1999