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Cast and Crew


Statue: Miah Gibson

Anactoria: Susan Miller

Lasthenia: Anna Kelsey-Sugg

Phoenix / Euripides: Thom Morgan

Professor: Mikala Tai

Priestess / Athenian: Jess Moir

Phoenix's Mother / Melian:
Lucy Davidson

Artemisia: Danika Hadgraft

Cleito: Helen Barnett


Writer / Director: 
Caroline Heske

Producer:  Rachel Sommer

Assistant Director & SM:  Cerise Paul

Costumes Generally:  Anne Brumley
Statue Costume & Makeup:  Ioana Vassileva
Hair & Makeup:  Fiona Parrey

Set Design & Construction:  Adrian Chan
Irena Zilberman

Carpentry:  Mel O'Neill

Lighting Design & Operation:  Emma Mann

Music Composition & Performance: 
David Thornton

Graphic Design & Layout: 
Tennant Reed

Photography & Layout: 
Andrea Kaliviotis

Lucy May
Cerise Paul

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