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Our Sponsors & Supporters

Psychic Cat Productions would like to thank the following fabulous sponsors, without whose generosity Relic would not have been possible.

Lorraine Huddle Pty Ltd
Providing professional advice on your heritage

Premiere stationery store on Melbourne University Parkville Campus.

Il Fresco
Providing delicious sandwiches, coffee, and hot and cold nibbles in Lygon Court.

Cecilia Dart-Thornton
Artist, musician, lyricist... but better known as the author of the magical and poignant novels - The Ill-Made Mute and The Lady of the Sorrows... Visit her award-winning site.

MUSU Theatre Board
Provides grants and assistance to Melbourne Uni theatre groups.

MUSU Arts Committee
Thanks Danae & Marsali - you guys rock! Visit your fabulous Arts Officers at first floor union house for advice on how to get your artistic dreams off the ground.

Plush Fish
Mmmm... Sushi! They also make campus-renowned coffee. Check out Union House, ground floor.

Thresherman's Bakery
Bread, cakes, hot food, cold food, fresh-squeezed juices, coffee, and best of all - friendly and vibrant atmosphere! On Faraday St.

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